1. Introduction To Canva Graphic Design For Beginners

HOST: Hi guys, today we’ll teach you how to design almost any graphics without Photoshop okay. So what can we design? We can design logos, social media posts, yes, if you’re on Facebook marketing or marketing and social media, we can design those graphical posts, Pinterest graphics; so if you’re into Pinterest marketing, you should know that graphics is very important and we can design that in this course. 

YouTube thumbnails; if you’re doing YouTube, then are a good thumbnail increases click through rate okay, it makes people want to click on your YouTube video, so YouTube thumbnail is very useful. 

Resumes; if you want to have a different resume; a creative resume, an impressive resume, then we can also make that. Book covers; if you’re an aspiring author, you can also design book covers. CD covers, Infographics, Menu’s. So if you have a restaurant then you can also design a menu. Posters, Brochures, Facebook ads and many more okay.

So we will be using Canva okay. So what is Canva? Canva is a graphic design app that is totally completely free okay, you don’t need to pay anything; although there is a paid version okay, there is an upgrade but you don’t need to pay anything. Personally I just use the free Canva and I don’t pay anything, but if you want to upgrade that is okay. 

No experience required okay, so you don’t need to have any graphic design experience and you don’t need to know Photoshop or anything like Adobe, there’s no experience required at all; this is perfect for newbies and it’s very easy to use and there are many templates available. So this means that you don’t need to start from scratch because there are already existing templates and you don’t need to install any software okay, so there’s no need to buy Photoshop, there’s no need to buy anything and there’s no need to install anything on your computer because this is a web based app so all you need to do is have your internet access and your desktop or laptop computer, that’s all you need; a computer and internet access.

So now let’s go to Canva. Okay we just go to Google and type Canva that’s C-A-N-V-A and then click on Canva and then you need to sign up, so are you choose; if you’re a teacher or student here, education or small business, large company, a charity or personal. So as for me, I’ll just chose personal and then you can choose to sign up with your Facebook account, your Google account or your email address; for example let’s sign up with Facebook. Let’s just click that and then click continue as, so just wait for it well, it’s still signing up using Facebook. 

Okay, so now we’re already signed up using Facebook, then chose are you an artist; a blogger, a business owner, so for example I just use a blogger and then it says invite your teams and collaborate on design; so for me, I just skip that again, but if you have any friends or team then you can invite them but I’ll just skip that so I’ll just click here, skip inviting team members. So choose what you want to create and there are more design types here so let’s just click that, okay so now you’re here on Canva so see in the next lesson.